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Board games + Travel

This is my story.

Hi there, my name is Presh and I’m a Washington D.C. based analyst. I have a background in biology, public health and health policy.

But my two great passions in life? Travel and board games. And my two passions intertwined… Let me explain.

See, growing up, I was the quiet type, a wallflower of sorts (Now, maybe not so much..) Books and tinkering with web and graphic design were my thing. But it was those lunchtime escapades in school that sparked my love for board games and the realization of their ability to unite people.

It all began with UNO. A red box, those bold yellow letters, and an invitation to join. I became player number five, and by the game’s end, four new friendships blossomed. Our lunchtime crew expanded, sometimes 20+, and so did my tabletop obsession. Now, I have many favorites, and I try to play something new every chance I get.

The way I see it, board games are a universal language. They have the power to instantly change the vibe of a room full of strangers. They are happy juice, without the juice. They are a way to connect with people, even when we don’t share a common tongue.

For example, games like “Ncho” or “Ayo” (also known as “Mancala”) have been played for ages across the globe. In Nigeria, where my father’s village is located, it’s known as the “game of the intellectual”. Whip out a wooden Mancala board there, and folks will flock to join the fun. (I talk more about the history of Mancala and my personal connection to it here.)

That’s why I started this blog. I wanted to share my love for board games and how they can spice up any adventure. Abroad, home, or somewhere in between.


Travel is not only a passion, but a priority.

Travel has always been a significant part of my life. From my early childhood, my family instilled in me a love for exploration and new experiences. As I grew older, this passion evolved into a strong desire to see as much of the world as possible.

Even though I work a full-time job with limited PTO, travel is still a top priority for me. I believe that experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life are invaluable experiences that enrich our lives in ways that can’t be quantified. Travel has a special way of being thrilling and enjoyable at the outset, but leaving one with a fresh perspective and valuable lessons on resilience, adaptability, and cultural understanding.

For me, travel is not just a hobby, but a way of life. It has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for the world we live in and the diverse people who inhabit it. It has also given me a greater sense of gratitude for the opportunities and blessings in my own life.


The Magic of Play.

Have you ever felt like your travels lacked a certain spark? That you were simply going through the motions and ticking off tourist attractions from a list? The key is to inject playfulness. My blog is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging readers to explore, play, and connect more during their travels. By engaging in experiences that nourish the soul and reignite our inner child, we can find a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment on our journeys. From discovering hidden gems and playing local games to immersing ourselves in cultural traditions and meeting new people, there’s a world of authentic travel experiences waiting for us.

Can I give you some recommendations on where to begin? Tap the button to elevate your travel game with my mini list of must-have portable tabletop games.