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The Perfect Trip to the Alhambra on a Budget

The beauty of Granada and the Alhambra is nothing short of magical. From the rugged mountains and sprawling olive groves to the intricate details of the Alhambra’s architecture, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Read more to get the best tips on how to explore this beautiful city.

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A Short Story 

We hopped on the bus from Madrid to Granada, eager to explore the charming city. Passing through the rugged mountains. The deep blue sky and towering peaks. The sprawling olive groves that stretched out as far as the eye could see – the scenery was stunning. 

Finally, we arrived in Granada. Walking through the city’s streets toward the airbnb, I was impressed by the variety of shops and cafes. The locals were incredibly friendly and welcoming, making me feel right at home. 

We stayed with a family – mom, dad and their son. They were lovely people and they had the cutest, coziest home. $27/night.

After dropping my bag, I headed straight to the Alhambra – the crown jewel of Granada’s history – a place I had been looking forward to since well before planning the trip.  

As I entered the palace gates, the intricate details of the architecture is on full display. The grand palace and fortress was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Every inch of the walls and ceilings was adorned with intricate carvings and beautiful mosaics. The fragrant scent of jasmine filled the air, adding to the enchanting atmosphere – I spent hours wandering through the rooms, halls and courtyards. 

The gardens of the Alhambra were equally as stunning – a peaceful oasis. The fountains sparkled in the sun, and the flowers were so vibrant they seemed to glow. I took a moment to sit in the shade of the trees, to soak in the ambiance.  

But the Alhambra isn’t just a visual wonder – it’s also a place steeped in history. I found myself wondering about the lives of the people who had built and lived in these beautiful structures. How did they create such an intricate and beautiful place without modern technology? And what must it have been like to live here during its prime? 

The Alhambra truly is a masterpiece of human creativity and ingenuity. 

After we left the Alhambra, we found ourselves wandering through the hills of Granada, half exploring aimlessly and half deliberately searching for a spot to recharge my phone. As we wandered, we stumbled upon an unassuming restaurant nestled near a landing where locals had gathered. A man strummed his guitar while people relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful day.  

After some time, we continued on, exploring the winding alleys of the neighborhood until the night fell.  

Visiting Granada and the Alhambra felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The beauty of the landscape, the intricacies of the architecture, the richness of the culture, the warmth of the people and the wonder of the historical significance. The delicate contrast of the ancient Alhambra and the modern city of Granada – nothing short of magical.  

Tips for Planning Your Perfect Trip

Planning to visit Granada and the Alhambra? Here are some tips based on my own experience. 


If you’re looking for an authentic local dining experience, try Restaurante Chikito, which serves traditional Andalusian cuisine. Locals frequent this place, so you know it’s the real deal. 

For a stunning view of the Alhambra, head to the Mirador de San Nicolas at sunset. A square situated on a hilltop, providing the best view of the Alhambra in the distance. 

If you’re interested in flamenco, don’t miss a show at the intimate and authentic venue, Peña La Platería

To get a taste of Granada’s history and culture, visit the Albaicín neighborhood, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Take advantage of the city’s many free walking tours to get a deeper understanding of Granada’s history and culture. Check them out on

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Alcaicería, a historic bazaar with a wide selection of souvenirs and gifts. 

If you’re traveling on a budget, consider staying in a hostel or Airbnb in the Realejo neighborhood, which offers affordable accommodations close to the city center. 

The Alhambra 

Buy a single ticket: If you’re looking to save money, you can buy a single ticket on the official website of the monument or at the ticket office. But keep in mind, if you wait to buy a ticket at the ticket office, be prepared to wait in very long lines. And there is no guaranteed you will get a ticket on the day of. Tickets typically sell out quickly. The standard price for adult tickets is 14 euros. This is the option that I chose. 

Buy a tour guide ticket: Alternatively, you could explore the city with a guided tour of the Alhambra with a professional guide who will share history and information about the architecture and Islamic art in Spain. 

Buy a Granada card: If you’re planning on visiting other attractions in Granada, consider getting the Granada Card, which allows you to visit the Alhambra and the Generalife as well as other interesting attractions in the city, and also includes discounts on other tourist services. 

Areas requiring a paid ticket: The Nasrid Palaces, the gardens and the Generalife Palace, the Alcazaba, and the Bath of the Mosque 

Areas that do not require a paid ticket: The Walls, the Gate of Justice, the Plaza de los Aljibes, the Palace of Charles V (which includes the Alhambra Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts), the Royal Street of the Alhambra, the Wine Gate, the viewpoint of San Nicolas, the Gate of the Carts, and the Parador de Turismo de Granada 

Best time to visit: To avoid the massive crowds at the Alhambra, consider visiting during the low season, which is November through February.  

Have you ever visited a city like Granada that left you speechless? What was your favorite part of the experience? Share your stories in the comments below. 

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