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The Best Board Game Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Let’s dive into the world of board game storage solutions for small spaces and travel. Discover a range of options that will keep your game collection organized and protected, no matter the size of your living space or your destination.

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When you’re living in a city like Washington, D.C., space can be a precious commodity. And finding storage solutions for my ever-growing collection has become a necessity.  

Hacks for Both Storage and Transport for Your Board Games

Now if you’re like me, you like to be resourceful and find ways to make things work in more than one way. So some of these hacks also enable you to safely transport your games for travel. Annnddd I’ll be transparent here before I dive into some great storage solutions. The ultimate hack that I use? Finding someone else’s space to store half my collection: my parents’ house. 

But for the rest of your glorious collection, here are some equally great solutions: 

Multi-purpose bags 

Multi-purpose bags have been a game-changer for me. I’ve discovered these heavy-duty 16-inch bags that serve double duty as reusable shopping bags when I’m not carting around my board games. Yup, they’re insulated too, for maximum usefulness.

Would you believe that I’ve had the same 2 bags since 2014?

board games in a multipurpose bag
Just a few board and card games for game night

They can handle the weight of stacked games, making them perfect for game nights with friends. You never know when a Sushi Go night might turn into a Power Grid extravaganza, so I like to be prepared with options.

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Plastic baggies and zipper pouches

Let’s not forget the trusty old “value” plastic baggies. They may not be fancy, but they get the job done. I’ve dedicated them solely to board game storage and keep them forever. They work well for keeping all those fiddly bits organized and preventing any mix-ups. Bag ties also come in handy for keeping game baggies closed and spillage-free during transportation. You can get both practically anywhere. I’d start at the corner store or a local grocery store.

For a bit of an upgrade from the basic plastic baggies, durable zipper pouches may do the trick. They’re great for cards, especially since they’re sleek and slim. But here’s the thing, they’re not ideal for bigger game pieces. Personally, I don’t go for zipper pouches because they can be a bit restrictive when it comes to space. Plus, stacking them might not work out too well depending on what you want to store. But if you’re just looking to store player sheets or other flat game items in smaller quantities, then zipper pouches could be the perfect choice.

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Stasher bags

Now, if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option or you’re a bit adventurous with your gaming set ups/break downs – aka you do either of these activities while eating Cheetos (no judgment here) – Stasher bags are an excellent alternative. Made of silicone and touted as “reusable,” they’re perfect for messy gamers who want to easily wipe off any cheesy residue. 

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Tuck boxes

For those who want a little more structure in their storage solution, but still compact, tuck boxes are a must-have. These small cardboard boxes, available at game stores or online, are ideal for storing playing cards and small game pieces that you don’t want so easily smushed. They’re sturdy-lite (as in these can be stacked but with caution), label-friendly, and keep everything neatly in place. 

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Game bags

But what about larger games? That’s where game bags and carrying cases come into play. Game bags are tailor-made for travel, with padding and compartments to keep your games safe and sound. And if you’re a serious board game collector, carrying cases offer a larger storage solution with compartments and inserts to keep multiple games organized on the go. Like this really cool, but pricey one made by Enhance.

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The Final Score

Board game enthusiasts often have their go-to storage solutions, depending on their needs and preferences. But if you’re short on space or want to travel with their games as efficiently as possible, it adds a layer of complexity that requires a little extra thought and planning. By using pouches, bags, and other storage solutions, it’s possible to keep your games organized and in good condition, even when you’re packing them up for local game nights with friends. The key is to find what works best for you and your collection, and get creative with how you store and transport your games.  What clever hacks or creative solutions do you use?  

Now that you have your storage situation figured out, time for more games! Check out my ultimate list of portable board games.

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