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7 Epic Things to Do in Washington, D.C. (by Bike)

Relaxing at Hain's Park with bike

Washington, D.C. is an urban cyclist’s dream. With miles of bike paths, historic landmarks, and breathtaking nature trails, there’s no shortage of adventure on two wheels. As a local cyclist, I’m passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this bike-friendly city and have compiled a list of my top picks for your next biking experience. From the scenic Hain’s Point to the peaceful Rock Creek Park, each route is guaranteed to showcase the best of DC’s diverse scenery.

20 Unexpected Things to Do in Washington, D.C.

If you’re planning a trip to Washington, D.C., you might be wondering what to do beyond the typical tourist spots. As a local who’s been exploring the city for years, I’ve compiled a list of 20 unexpected and lesser-known things to do in the nation’s capital. From hidden gems to off-the-beaten-path attractions, get ready to discover a side of D.C. that you never knew existed.